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uhhh my internet is really really really slow lately so I wont be online on tumblr much ;;; i mean my internet cant seem to load a lot of sites and tumblr is one of them ;;  maybe i’ll online sometimes but i cant reblog much things ahh

so if you need anything etc you may send me something on twitter or dA etc,but as long as it’s not tumblr or yt or pixiv ;;

so uhhh yeah thats all—

i’m gonna miss a lot of things in the kagepro tag arent i


So, I noticed that there’s some translation weirdness in the first mca episode that I think people may be trying to extrapolate things from that I want to clear up. (Spoilers for the first episode of mca.)

At the beginning of Mekakucity Actors Episode One, Ayano says 「その感じだと、もしかして、また忘れちゃったの?」which at least Cruncyroll translates to “Judging from your reaction, you don’t remember me?” but can be more literally translated to “With that reaction, could it be you’ve forgotten again?” Ayano doesn’t specify what Shintaro’s forgotten, it may not be her specifically, and more importantly she uses the term “again”, implying that this is not the first time he’s forgotten.

The same thing goes for the line after that, 「おのとき、君はあんなに忘れないって言ってくれたのに」(“Last time, you swore that you would never forget me.”) can be translated to “Even though last time you told me you wouldn’t forget so much.”

Just a few notes. Shintaro’s not necessarily forgotten her, but other things that have happened.

如月 伸太郎

Mekakucity Actors / Op

鹿野 修哉 

RIP Shintaro’s Wife 8/14



Last time, you swore that you would never forget me. I’ll tell you the story of how you and I met. From the very beginning.


i think jin might be trying to tell us something

SONG // Mekakucity Actors OP 「daze」instrumental


Jin has uploaded the official instrumental and lyrics of 「daze」(short version).


Once upon a time, there was a little monster.

This monster, who spent time unmeasured in the shadows, began to wonder where she had come from, and why?

"Who in the world created me? And why?"

She tried to find others, but she was all alone in the darkness, with no one else to be found.

Realizing this, the monster begain to walk all alone to escape the darkness.

It would be quite a while before the monster would learn that this was her first time experiencing the emotion “loneliness”.

...To be continued.